B. J. Bison’s Make and Take Projects

B. J. Bison Teaching Material.

Introducing…B. J. Bison’s free downloadable Vore Buffalo Jump Make & Take files for anyone to use as is or to adapt. Have fun exploring, creating, and sharing multi-disciplined activities/projects about: thinking challenges, Native American culture (language, shelter, art/designs, clothing, food) mammals, insects, careers, maps, environment, reading, media, ways to make a variety of books, booklets, displays, poetry, gathering/organizing data to answer a question and writing statements, symmetry, congruency, surveys, etc.


You can view the introduction to this make and take program by clicking here. The introduction is in a Word format. It is an eight page document that explains the full project and explains the individual files that can be downloaded below.




B. J. Bison Make and Take Project

You can download the complete Take and Make Program by clicking here. The program is in a Word format. It is a fifty page document that contains the full program.

Not just for teachers.

This program is full of resources that will help anybody better understand the Vore Buffalo Jump. Feel free to download and use the entire program.